Richard Cook

Social Perception Research Group

Federica Biotti

Federica is undertaking her PhD in the Social Perception Lab, funded by a City University London doctoral studentship. Her research addresses the recognition of facial expressions in neurodevelopmental conditions, including alexithymia and developmental prosopagnosia. 

Former members: 

Dr Alberta Ipser
Abby completed her PhD on multi-sensory integration with Dr Elliott Freeman before starting a post-doctoral position in the Social Perception Lab, funded by the ESRC for two years. Her projects investigate the perception of facial speech and facial emotion
Jennifer Murphy

Jenny secured a Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarship to work in the Social Perception Lab over the summer of 2014. She worked on projects investigating deficits of face perception in developmental prosopagnosia. Jenny is now undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, funded by an ESRC 1+3 studentship.

Hana Hawlina

Hana spent the autumn of 2014 in the lab on an Erasmus exchange from the University of Ljubljana. During this period she worked on projects addressing the perception of social interactions. 

Annie Gaule

Annie has worked as a research assistant in the lab since the summer of 2012. During the summer of 2013, Annie completed a Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarship looking at mechanisms of facial orienting. 

Punit Shah

Punit worked in the lab as an undergraduate research assistant during the summer of 2013, helping out with projects looking at face perception in developmental prosopagnosics and individuals with autism. Punit is now undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, funded by an MRC 1+3 studentship.

Clarisse Aichelburg

Clarisse worked in the lab while completing the UCL component of her Dual Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences. We collaborated on a project investigating the perception of facial motion. Clarisse is now working towards a PhD at UCL under the supervision of Sam Gilbert and Paul Burgess. 

Isabel Choo:

Isabel worked in the lab during the summer of 2012 having secured a Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarship. Isabel helped on projects investigating the perception of temporal information in faces and the role of social context in facial emotion recognition.